Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tuesday Tips: 7 Things That Separate Wight-Loss Winners & Losers

  1. Winners set small goals
  2. Winners take breaks and timeouts
  3. Winners are proud of themselves
  4. Winners take on new challenges
  5. Winners keep score
  6. Winners are part of a team

More info: http://www.sparkpeople.com/resource/motivation_articles.asp?id=1732

Monday, April 14, 2014

ODU Big Blue 5k Race Recap

Before heading to packet pick-up on Friday, I sort of spur-of-the-moment decided to chop all my hair off. I donated ten inches to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. Crazy, right?! I feel weird without it. I wanted to get my hair trimmed because of split-ends and whatnot, but about an hour before going I took a ruler to my hair and decided I could possibly donate it without it ending up crazy short like last time. It's been about eight years since I last donated my hair. I was traumatized by the terrible post-donation haircut I received. This one is much better, so I probably won't wait that long to do it again. How long will it take to grow ten inches of hair?

I went to packet pick-up at the baseball stadium after my haircut. It was quick an organized, like the usual J&A Racing events. I went home and revealed my haircut to Josh, who was sort of sad about it. But it's just hair, so whatever. After hanging out for a bit, we went out for Mexican food, which in hindsight was probably not the best pre-race dinner. We went home and I got myself pre-race organized. At this point, I still hadn't noticed the error on the t-shirt.

We went to a neighbor's birthday party around 8:30. I only stayed a couple of hours and only had two low-alchohol beers.

I went home and hung out with Raven. I also tried to take a picture of my tiny ponytail. It's weird to go from lots of crazy hair that can barely be contained by one elastic to hair that's so short it barely stays in a ponytail.

Race-day morning, I got up to walk Raven at our usual time. The race was still a couple hours away, so I had a normal breakfast of English muffin with peanut butter on one side, Nutella on the other, and a side of scrambled egg. I woke up Josh around 9:30 and we biked to my office and locked up our bikes, then walked to the start. We met up with some friends and hung around for a bit before lining up.

At 10:45, we were off. It was rather warm outside already, but I kept thinking "it's just a 5k" and pushed through it. I forgot my watch, so I had no idea what my pace was. Since I sort of had a headache (allergies? hangover from my two wimpy beers yesterday?), I decided just to run by feel and hoped for the best. I really wanted to get under 30 minutes, but I had no way of knowing if that was going to happen.

A little after mile 2, I had to stop to pee. I guess I over-hydrated before heading to the start because I was afraid of getting dehydrated. The pit stop probably took less than a minute though, and I took off running again as soon as possible.

The course was a little weird in a few place. We ran through fields and parking lots, which were marked by cones. As we got closer to the finish, I was just sure this was longer than a 5k. I heard grumbles from other runners around me that it was closer to 6k. As we rounded the last turn before the football field, I saw Josh and our friend John. I ran as fast as I could onto the football field and across the finish line. At this point, I still didn't have a clue how I did. But I felt pretty good about it.

I grabbed my medal, water, and pretzels, then I left the stadium and got my post-race photo taken. That's going to be a hot mess. I'll update this post as soon as I get my photos back. 

I met up with Josh and John who seemed to think I did pretty well. A few minutes later, Hilary and Lizzie ran/walked by and finished, then we all went to the BBQ. I had several beers and only ate corn because BBQs aren't really vegetarian friendly. We hung out for a couple hours, then biked home.

I finally checked my finish time and I sort of don't believe it. It was 31:46, although I felt like I went much faster than that. But it is what it is. I'll do better next time.

When I got home, Raven and I cuddled/napped for a good 45 minutes before I finally showed. I did a little studying, then took Raven for a walk and ended up at Taphouse with her.

We waited a few minutes, then Josh and some friends showed up. I only had one beer and didn't even really need that.

I couldn't stay long after that though because I was wearing shorts and it was starting to get cold. So I took Raven home, changed clothes, and eventually met up with Josh and some friends for dinner at YNot.

Then yesterday I walked Raven, did some cleaning with Josh, did some food prep for our weekly potluck, then did some more studying.

Friends showed up and we had some delicious food before watching Game of Thrones. Everyone meandered out after than then I went to bed early. What a long, crazy, fun weekend. Now back to work.

Motivation Monday: Inner Strength


Saturday, April 12, 2014

I'm still here

Hello little bloggy. I took a break. I just wanted a break. I took a break from Instagram too and only half-assed MFP for a while. I think I'm back now. I'm not sure what I needed, but I feel like I got it.

Lately I've been working and trying to relax. Like really force myself to relax. I even took a bubble bath the other night. I got bored. But I stuck with it until the water got cool.

I have to study. I'm taking the GREs next week. I have a couple freelance projects I'm working on. And the hardest, but most necessary project I'm working on is getting my finances straight. Like really, really straight. And it kind of sucks and is stressful, but it's totally happening. There's light at the end of this tunnel and everything is very, very slowly coming together. I think within three years I'll be where I want/need to be career-wise and financially. So that's good. And I think maybe all of this is why I needed to relax.

Or maybe I just needed a break from all of this food/fitness silly nonsense. The stuff that gets put on the back burner when other, more important, things are going on.

Anyway, none of that is what I wanted to write about. Not even a little. I'm just typing because whatever. I haven't in a while, so here I am.

Lately I've still been running. I've also biked a little bit, but I'm sort of scared of it. I'm working on this fear. But I've run a pretty decent amount. Especially because the weather has been so nice. Even though it was nice out, I went to the gym on Wednesday so I could do some speedwork on the treadmill. It was torture, but it was awesome. I felt great afterwards.

Tomorrow I'm running a 5k! It's an inaugural race too, which I've always wanted to do. It sold out at 2,000 runners. I think it will be fun.

I'm thinking about some other races, but I don't know if I'll get to do them all. I'm already not sure about 10k on Memorial Day weekend just because of possible scheduling conflicts.

Elizabeth River Run 10k - Portsmouth - Sat, May 24 - $30-40
Heart of Ghent 10k - Norfolk - Sat, Sept 20 - $35-40
High Bridge Half Marathon - Farmville - Sat, Sept 6 - $50-60
Crawlin Crab Half Marathon - Hampton - Sun, Oct 5 - $75-90
Star City Half Marathon - Roanoke - Sat, Nov 22 - $55
Drumstick Dash 5k - Roanoke - Thanksgiving Day - $20-30

At the absolute very least, I want to do the Heart of Ghent 10k, High Bridge Half Marathon, and Drumstick Dash. The others would be nice to do too, but aren't necessary.

That's pretty much covers the basics. I'll update after the 5k with a recap.

Oh I forgot! I cut off 10 inches of my hair to donate to Pantene Beautiful Lengths! It feels sooo short, but it's at my shoulders. It feels good, but I'm still not sure if I like it or not. I'm glad hair grows back. I'll post pictures later.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tuesday Tips: Sneak In Speed

"Fact: You actually have to run faster if you want to run faster."

  • Do hill sprints
  • Stride it out
  • Aim for a negative split
  • Run with a faster friend

More info: http://www.runnersworld.com/advice/month-month-guide-fitter-faster-you?page=single