Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tuesday Tips: 10 Mistakes Women Make With Diets

From the source:
Here's what you need to know...
 •  TV weight loss plans and "pretend" health foods keep women in the dark about sustainable healthy eating habits. It's time they take control of their own diets.
 •  Most women diet by using methods that slow their metabolisms. Instead they need to train and eat to support muscle retention and growth. Muscle and metabolism are intimately connected.
 •  Women sometimes go to extremes with carbs and dietary fats, often avoiding one like the plague while overcompensating with the other. Athletic women need the right kinds of both, and more than anything they need quality protein.
 •  Women often attach much more meaning to food choices than men. They need to realize this, then lighten up on the self-judgment to take back control of their eating habits.

More info: http://www.t-nation.com/diet-fat-loss/10-mistakes-women-make-with-diets

Sunday, July 20, 2014

HBHM Training Progress Report

7 Weeks until the High Bridge Half Marathon

Mon Jul 14 Easy Run  Dist: 3 Mi @11:50
I actually got out of bed in time to run in the morning. At first I was planning to do 2 miles, but then I remembered I had 3 on the plan. I under-calculated my route a little bit, so we did a little more than 3 miles, but I stopped the watch at 3. It was kind of a slow run. It's always slower with Raven because she has to stop at all the trees, but I think I would have been slow without her too because it was super humid out.

Tue Jul 15 XT
I got up in plenty of time to walk Raven and do yoga, but I took too long trying to decide what yoga to do and only had about 10 minutes to do something, so I sort of just stretched and did some planks. Which I'm really bad at

Wed Jul 16 Tempo Run  Dist: 5 Mi, inc Warm; 3 Mi @ 10:12; Cool
I woke up and took Raven for a walk. I didn't remember until I was halfway through that I should have run instead because I have to work job#2 tonight. Sad face. But I still had plenty of time to do yoga when I got back. I did a real 20-minute session, not half-assed. I've decided to do a 30-day yoga challenge that I found on YouTube, but I don't want to talk about it too much because I'm sure I won't stick with doing it every day for 30 days straight. I am going to stick with it though, just maybe a little out of order and whatnot.

Thu Jul 17 XT
I went to the gym after work with every intention of kicking ass and doing my tempo run. I got there and started to warm up. And I didn't feel well. I'm not sure why. My stomach just seemed uneasy and I felt slow. But I finished my warm up and headed to the dreadmill. I got up to my tempo speed and thought I could do it. But I couldn't. My heart rate spiked and I felt like a slug. Did I not fuel properly? Was I dehydrated? Why wasn't I able to do this? I tried. I tried and could not do it. I was pissed and ending up going back to the track and finishing up the mile, doing some stretches and headed out. I had no energy when I got home. I had no energy even after I ate something. I fell asleep early.

Fri Jul 18 Easy Run  Dist: 2 Mi @11:50
I forgot my watch and didn't feel like running and totally could have skipped it and no one would have known. But I took Raven for a 2 mile run anyway. Without the watch, I don't know what our pace was or anything. Slow, probably. But I did it. I went for a walk with coworkers after lunch. And I went to job#2 after job#1. I was tired and wanted to go to bed at 8:30 but couldn't because I was at work. Why am I so tired??

Sat Jul 19 Long Run  Dist: 10 Mi @11:50
Raven woke me up around 7:30. I took her for a walk and got ready for a run. I was out there by 9:00. I thought it was going to go well. It started off much better than my Thursday run and better than last week's long run. The weather wasn't as hot or humid and the sky was overcast. But I was really slow still. I tried a few times to pick up the pace, but as the run went on I faded. I was really hungry by the time I got back and I'm not usually hungry immediately after a run. I still covered the mileage, but I was slow.

Today was our anniversary. Josh had to work for a few hours. I got cleaned up and rested for a little while after my run. We went to dinner at the restaurant where we had our first date. We were both too full to go out for dessert or drinks like we'd planned. We went for a drive then went home. We opened a bottle of champagne and drank and chatted on the back porch, which was lovely. No matter what else is going on, Josh can make me laugh. While finishing up the champagne, we had the last slice of our frozen wedding cake topper. The cake and filling part were still delicious, but the icing was kind of meh. We hung out for a bit longer, but I fell asleep while we were cuddling and watching TV. It was a really nice date. We high-fived at the start of Year Two of marriage.

Sun Jul 20 Rest
I had to work job#2 today. My hips and calves were sore before I got there and really sore after I left. My feet hurt terribly after work. We ordered take out and watched TV when I got home. I fell asleep with a book in my hands.

Goals for this week

I think I really, really need to track what I eat. Weight loss or not, I think my runs are suffering because I'm not fueling and/or hydrating properly.

Mon Jul 21 Easy Run  Dist: 3 Mi @11:47
Tue Jul 22 XT
Wed Jul 23 Speedwork  Dist: 6 Mi, inc Warm; 3x1600 in 9:34 w/800 jogs; Cool
Thu Jul 24 XT
Fri Jul 25 Easy Run  Dist: 2 Mi @11:47
Sat Jul 26 Long Run  Dist: 10 Mi @11:47
Sun Jul 27 Rest

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Things That Have Happened Since July 19, 2013

I started this post a week or so after we got married in July and I scheduled it to automatically post on our 1 year anniversary. I have periodically and randomly popped in to post an update.
  • Josh and I eloped on July 19, 2013 at the courthouse in Norfolk!!
  • The elopement was a fun, romantic day together
  • Josh was added to my health insurance and within a couple months was doing much better
  • A couple weeks after we eloped, we got our photos back and I am still obsessed with them. I love them. I love that day so much.
  • I created invitations for our October celebration and sent them out to family and close friends
  • We had some fun date nights that were not unlike our pre-marriage date nights. Except now we refer to each other husband and wife. That part is still pretty cool.
  • Our "small wedding-ish event" turned into a larger, actual wedding. We didn't kill each other in the process. We didn't kill anyone else either. It was actually fun. 
  • We got presents! That was nice. Writing and mailing Thank You cards was much more time consuming than I anticipated. 
  • We got our photos back and I'm still obsessed with those too. I went way overboard with ordering prints and I still don't know what to do with all of them, but we framed a whole bunch of them and gave a lot out as gifts. 
  • Thanksgiving didn't go as planned, but turned out to be great regardless. I made a bunch of food and we took it to his mom's (who also made food). He ate a brussels sprout! 
  • Right after Thanksgiving we got our Christmas photos taken with Raven for our first official Christmas cards as a family. I'm obsessed with these too. 
  • We got our first Christmas tree! It's just a small fake one, but we were really excited about it. We did a blue, white and silver theme for Longwood University and Old Dominion University.
  • Christmas was fun! We got a hotel in Roanoke because he's allergic to my parents' cats and we had Raven with us, so we couldn't really stay with anyone else. Being in a hotel was weird, but it was nice to have the alone time together. Celebrating Christmas with my family was fun.
  • This year wasn't all sunshine and roses. We occasionally fight. We struggle with finances. But we have a plan. Lots of plans. Life is looking good.
  • Life is good! Married life is good. We take care of each other and love each other. We recognize and accept our differences and do some things separately. We also do a lot of fun things together.
  • One random Wednesday evening in April, I fell more in love. We were just hanging out on our back porch (actually a fire escape) and watching a rain storm. All we did was chat about House of Cards, plans for school and work, and other ordinary things that couples talk about. But it was a good night for us and I wanted to jot that down.
  • Another random weeknight in early May, we had a big fight. I went to bed still mad, but we made up in the morning. These things happen. And now we are stronger together than ever.
  • We took in a roommate. Josh's old roommate, actually. He needed a place and we can totally use the money. It's not going bad or anything, but I miss having Josh (and my kitchen, living room and bathroom) to myself all the time. It's only temporary though.
  • Tonight we saw Modest Mouse! They're one of Josh's favorite bands of all time. They're one of my favorites too, although I admittedly hadn't heard of them before I met Josh in college. Seeing them together was really fun. I could feel how much he missed Gary, but I still think it was a good night for him. For us.
  • I've learned something about fighting. Actually, you should go to bed angry sometimes. The fight seems less important after you sleep it off. And you can/should pause a fight and come back to it later. He shuts down when we fight. I get angrier and angrier and don't want to let it go. So I have to force myself not to stab him when he shuts down. Pause and come back to it later, fresh.
  • I've learned that it's important to always, always kiss goodbye and hello. We always kiss in the morning before we leave for work and always kiss hello when we get home. It keeps us connected as a couple so we don't start to feel like just roommates or business partners. Also, regularly cuddling is important. And it's good for you. That's science.
  • Even though the day-to-day of everyday can sometimes get to one or both of us, we are fiercely in love. And we're a formidable team. Some parts of life might be a little rough right now, but we will get through it come out on top because we work together and support each other. Our lives are life is going to mean something. 
  • Josh threw me a birthday party. I don't care for parties and was just sure this was going to be something I held my breath and tolerated until it was over. But it actually ended up being really fun. More low key than maybe he wanted, which was exactly what I wanted. He needs to listen to me more. Although I guess I should trust him more. I don't always have to be in charge of plans for the plans to turn out okay.
  • We biked to the zoo! Usually our calendar is really, really full and we have to pencil in time together. Our dates are usually planned out. But one Sunday afternoon when we had no plans other than cleaning and getting organized for the week ahead, Josh suggested we bike to the zoo. So we did! It was so much fun and one of the best dates we've had. 
  • One day he had an argument with his mom. It was bothering him so he told me all about it. He told her that I'm his family now. I melted into a puddle of love goo. We are a family now. A small one at the moment, but still a family. We take care of each other and will defend each other to the death. (He and his mom are okay now, btw.)
  • His mom's birthday was a few week's after mine. I wasn't particularly excited about spending my day off at a party, but that also turned out to be really fun. We went swimming, played with puppies, cooked out, and had a good time. I got along with his mom the entire time. Like, for real got along. Wasn't faking it. That's a record.
  • Several days before our anniversary he brought me flowers! My favorites. Just because he was excitedly anticipating our upcoming anniversary.
  • Money is tight, so our celebration won't be huge. But it will be perfect for us.
  • I really, really love our balancing act. Even though I find him really annoying and frustrating sometimes, his goofiness can cheer me up when I'm mad or sad. When he's angry, I'm the rational one and vice versa. He's good at things I'm not and vice versa. He forces this introvert to have fun sometimes and I force the extrovert to chill out sometimes. Opposites really do attract. 
  • A year later. I still love him. He still loves me and thinks our first year of marriage has gone really well - better than a lot of other couples.
  • Actually, I love him more than I did a year ago. Differently though. Deeper, I think. It's hard to explain. I believe in us more and more each day. 

"Love is a temporary madness; it erupts like volcanoes and then subsides. And when it subsides you have to make a decision. You have to work out whether your roots have so entwined together that it is inconceivable that you should ever part. Because this is what love is. Love is not breathlessness, it is not excitement, it is not the promulgation of eternal passion. That is just being 'in love,' which any fool can do. Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away, and this is both an art and a fortunate accident. Those that truly love have roots that grow towards each other underground, and when all the pretty blossoms have fallen from their branches, they find that they are one tree and not two." - Louis de Bernieres

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Throwback Thursday: A Story of a Year of Marriage (in photos)

Mid-October 2010, I lived in Roanoke. I was planning a trip to Chesapeake to see my BFF Liz and her baby. After reconnecting online and friendly chatting for a few months, Josh and I decided to get together while I was in town. 

I drove to Norfolk, we went out for dinner and drinks, and new immediately that this was it. No matter what it took (and it ended up taking a lot), we were going to be together. I headed home that Sunday. On Monday, these flowers arrived for me:

Just a few weeks later, he wanted me to meet his mom. We brought her a puppy. Best icebreaker ever.

Only a little over two months after that first date, Josh proposed.

After I said yes, we celebrated for a week in Savannah, GA. It was one of the best weeks of my life.

All of these photos are what I happened to have on my phone and it's looks like they're a little out of order from here.

This was from our first RennFest together

This was from his BFF Gary's wedding

Thanksgiving in the OBX

This is when I brought Raven home for the first time

DMB concert

Raven's first trip to the beach

Our second RennFest together with a bunch of people


Raven yawned at the perfect time

St. Patrick's Day

Random date night

At the Longwood B&B

Longwood reunion

His birthday - His mom got him an original Nintendo

Making pretzels necklaces

Ready for the beer festival

Random date night
After months and months of not planning a wedding, we eloped last July. It was an amazing day.

The day we eloped - July 19, 2013

Sigur Ros concert
We ended up having a wedding later anyway. It was also a really great day and fun night.

Wedding day - October 19, 2013

The morning after the wedding

Christmas 2013

Visiting his brother at school

Meeting Amelia for the first time

Christmas at his dad's

Christmas at my parents'

New Year's Day playdate with Raven

Random froyo date in January

No idea what this is from

My hot date for Valentine's Day

Josh and his new bike

Josh's birthday

Modest Mouse

At a party

At a baseball game

Steve Miller Band and Journey concert

Wine event
That's as many as my phone would upload for some reason.